Be it local or global market, products, food or the brands we use, Twitter is a strong social networking tool with advanced search engine which can search out the latest information about any topic. Well established and large scale companies also use it as a marketing platform to expand their wok.

Companies are using Twitter Marketing to engage users and followers to increase brand awareness, boost conversions to update the products on the required demands. Twitter makes it easy to distribute content, why not because there are 18 million+ active users on day basis. (businessofapps)

You definitely need an engaging creative content to interact with such a huge audience to reach millions of leads. The content can be driven out by strategic planning and discussion. We at Rethink Digital are expertise in providing services of social media management to expand your business virtually. For now, let’s get started of how to use Twitter for Business.

  1. Customize your profile
  2. Twitter Chat with followers
  3. Advertising via tweets
  4. Twitter moments
  5. Account verification
  6. Building follower count
  1. Customize your profile: Keep your profile information crisp and on point, so the users can knows it’s yours. All the required info of your company should be included namely – logo, caption, purpose, location and other details you wish to incorporate. RETHINK DIGITAL
  • Handle: While signing up, the twitter handle should be your company name and nothing fancy, so that users can easily search and reach you.
  • Header: The header is a background image and it should be related to your company, be it a expanded logo, the company’s motto or the services you provide.
  • Profile Picture: The profile picture represents your company’s face. It can be an image of your company’s logo, company’s initials or the CEO.
  • Bio: A twitter bio provides a summary or synopsis to the users who visit your profile about what your company does about. You can include the mission of the company, the vision of the company, the motto and the services you provide.
  • Website URL: Website URL is the provision to provide the link of your website or the link of the company’s location. It helps to easily drive traffic on your website.

2. Twitter Chat with followers: You can host a Twitter chat to engage your followers, discuss a topic and ask your followers for their opinions or input on something you’re working on.

Everyone who wants to participate in the Twitter Chat will be able to view all responses, questions, and reviews by searching your unique hash tag which you will set, as well as sharing their own reviews and thoughts by adding the hash tag to their tweets. This can help to create a word of mouth review about your brand, henceforth increasing brand engagements.

3. Advertising via tweets: You can avail the options of Promoted ads or Twitter ads to advertise via tweets. You can also choose Affiliate Influencer Marketing for a higher audience reach.

  • Promoted Tweets make your tweets appear in the Twitter streams or Twitter search results of specific users of the audience you choose. You will pay a monthly fee as long as you’re promoting a tweet.
  • Twitter Ads is a great option if your business can decide between different objectives when it comes to your Twitter ads include App installs, engagements, reach or driving traffic to website and paying accordingly.
  • Affiliate Twitter Marketing is where you hire twitter influencers who have a great reach and high followers to advertise your products. This helps in organic advertising of your product which helps to reach even higher audience.

4. Twitter Moments: Twitter Moments are collections of tweets about a specific topic or event. For example, Twitter’s Moments section includes “Today”, “News”, “Entertainment”, and “Fun.” This helps the users toeasily locate all the tweets about a particular event which are saved in the moments. This is an advanced version of hashtag collection. You can also create your own section of Moments for your followers to view on your profile – which can be about your company’s achievements or services.

5. Account verification: You can choose to apply to get your twitter account verified to make it appear authentic and original. Twitter only accept requests for account verification if your company or individual profile falls in these sectors – music, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media. Sports, business. If Twitter accepts your application, a badge with a blue checkmark inside of it will appear next to your profile name making your account authentic and real.

6. Building follower count: It’s obvious, if you have more followers, it will give you a greater brand reach and engagements. You can build your follower count in multiple ways, the most important being by posting creative content.

Other ways are using hash tag, attaching media, attaching links and interacting with other accounts by retweet and likes.

These are the basic ultimate ways to promote your business by setting up your business profile on Twitter social media platform. Is your digital social media marketing is giving you the profitable worth? You may wonder how to understand the net profit generated via social media campaigns. The answer to it is – ROI.

ROI in Digital Marketing

ROI in digital marketing stands for Return on investment. It’s the measure of the profit or loss that has incurred due to your social media campaigns. In layman terms, it analysis of how much you have sown and how much you have reaped in return.

After the campaigns when you analyses the stats, if your ROI comes positive, it means your campaigns are getting you more money than you are spending on them.

If ROI comes negative, means you are incurring loss and you are just spending money on campaigns which are not bringing worth to you.

Demonstrating digital marketing ROI is important because without measuring this, you are essentially marketing blind.

Individuals who use blogging as a marketing tool are 13 times more likely to get a positive ROI. Blogging increases your chance of getting discovered online, so if you blog regularly then sure shot the benefits will be reaped. The audience who discover and get in touch with you can be converting to your leads. This saves a lot of direct costs as it serves out the same purpose that a sales team would do if you hired them.

It has been statistically proven that companies generate an average of $2 in earnings for every $1 spent on Google Ads. This makes it evident that Google as an advertising platform is decently rewarding. For every 1 penny spent on Google Ads, they’re guaranteed of doubling their investment value.

Hence, marketers who compute their ROI are 1.6 times more likely to be awarded higher budgets for their marketing activities as by this ROI calculation, they can show their supervisors, managers and marketers the positive impact of spending on marketing, which will in turn confidence in their work and make them entitled to a higher budget.

The calculation of ROI in digital marketing is quite challenging. There are many ways to calculate it, yet it’s important to understand the few factors. Below are common KPIs to consider for ROI of your digital marketing:

1. Unique Monthly Engagement

2. Cost/Lead

3. Cost/Acquisition

4. Return on Ads Spend

5. Average Order Value

6. Customer Lifetime Value

7. Lead-to-Close Ratio.

8. Branded Search Lift

We at Rethink Digital have been known for following all the KPIs and maintaining a positive and higher ROI via our digital campaigns for our esteemed clients. Our most effective way to increase your ROI is by increasing the engagements and reach of our campaigns. The most effective way of increasing our engagements is via contests. As we all know, prize is all we need.

Contests In Digital Marketing

Contests are a unique way to increase brand awareness and audience engagements in an indirect way. Instead of the usual conventional way of formal promotions, contests offer a creative and interactive way for your audience to engage with your brand. It’s a prize-y way to increase your reach and engagements.

Contests help to drive creative contents from user and word-of-mouth advertising as your audience promotes your brand for you. This has a lot of advantages :

  1. Low budget marketing
  2. Builds a fan base
  3. Boots user engagements
  4. Activates your followers
  5. Spreads a required info quickly.

Contests can be run in various ways depending on the type of marketing you wish. The most usual ways of contest marketing are :

Consider which kind of contest you want to run:

  1. Event-Based contests
  2. Giveaways
  3. Trivia contests
  4. Photo competitions
  5. Task based contests
  6. Human activity challenges

We at Rethink Digital pride ourselves to have run most unique and creative contests for boosting brand reach on social media platforms. We have been known for effectively working for brand management.

On a closing note, contests marketing do all good to your brand. From low budget investment, to increased user engagements and boosting your insights, contest marketing stands as one of the best digital marketing ways on social media platforms. . With the right proper managers and supervisors, you can use contest to reach your desired audience without wasting those valuable marketing bucks on something which would give you a negative ROI.

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